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Why Is News Travel So Fast?

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In today’s digital world, internet, mobile technology, fibre optics technology, twitter, and phones, news travels at a matter of minutes from one region to another, even from city to city, state to state, continent to country. All across the world, news channels like CNN, Sky News, Al Jazeera English, and the rest provide the latest news reports with the ticker style of monitoring the happenings. A few people still rely on paper newspapers but mostly, people today have their fingers on the pulse of the news through the internet. They browse online sources for the latest details of what is happening both at home and in the office. However, when news travels faster than the speed of light, it has to be compressed into tiny bits to be able to be transmitted to various other sources.

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This has become the challenge that news agencies are facing everyday. The news is made up of hundreds of thousands of pieces of news which are being sent from one news agency to another constantly through the internet. To make sure that news travels fast, images need to be compressed into tiny JPEG or PNG files so that they can be stored onto portable media players like USB flash drives, portable digital cameras, and other similar devices. To ensure that news travels the same speed no matter where it goes, news agencies need to send the news using fibre-optic technology which is why news travel by air is called as news travelling by light.

When news travels by light, it is said to be the fastest form of information transfer. The news is brought to you through different media such as radio, television, and wire services. Even though this makes the news travels fast, you cannot compare it to the speed at which news is transferred when you use the internet. There is a huge amount of data being exchanged between computers around the world every minute. The internet has become the biggest source of information and the news.

One of the things that makes news travel so fast is that there are websites which allow for real time updates of news. If you want to get the latest news from all over the world, you only need to log on to one news portal. News portals are becoming more popular these days. They allow people all over the world to access news with a few clicks of a button. These news portals are becoming more popular for people to access news at any given time of the day.

This means that if you want to know about a big news story, you don’t have to go and physically check out the news section of your local newspaper. You can simply log on to a news portal and get the latest news about anything you want. This is the beauty of the internet. With the news travelling by light, you never have to worry about whether the news will reach you in time.

The news travels fast because even the speed of light is limited. The news travels at the speed of light so all news items cannot be printed immediately after they are originally broadcast. You have to wait for several hours for the news to reach you. With news travelling at the speed of news, it is obvious that news reaches you at a much faster pace than news printed in the local newspaper. Therefore, if you want to be updated with the latest news, make sure that you log onto the internet before you set out for work or feel lazy and log in to your favorite news portal at home. From here you can get to know as much news as you want.

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