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Traveling Jobs and Travel Affordability

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When an employee needs off-the-work-force travel, that employee is solely responsible for providing accommodations for work-related travel even when driving isn’t an appropriate activity of the job itself. For instance, an employee should consider other transportation for an individual who can’t drive because of vertigo; even then, the necessary function is completing the job, not driving. This same principle applies to those who need to use public transportation during their travels. Off-duty travel, which may be provided by the employee or the employer, should never replace the employee’s responsibility to provide insurance coverage. When an employee needs to use a car for their own personal use, they should always let the employer know this before the trip. By allowing an employee to use their personal vehicle for business purposes, a company is not legally allowed to change the terms of that plan at any point during the term of employment.

For those individuals who travel off-site frequently for their job, it is important that they consider purchasing special business class airfare for their travel. Airfare for business class flights, usually available for up to five days, will cost considerably more than single plane tickets, but it will provide better accommodations and more privacy. If traveling in first class, there are several things that an employee can do to reduce the price of their ticket. First, try to arrange for seat assignments ahead of time, so that one seat is available each day of the trip and that the airlines have a new plane to fill every flight.

If a company is offering discounted hotel accommodations while traveling on the job, consider asking about a package deal for travel. Sometimes hotels will offer discounts to employees who travel in groups. Additionally, certain hotels will provide a discount for a larger group. If traveling off-site, consider looking into all of the possibilities for off-site lodging. Sometimes a family member will have a vehicle or might be able to rent a vehicle on the job for the trip.

If traveling off-site is not possible, the employee should look into all of the on-site accommodations that are available to them. Most hotels and inns will offer great deals for families traveling together if those families also plan to stay in the same hotel or inn as their employment unit. Additionally, some hotels and inns may even offer special suites, such as suites located at nearby resorts, which provide more privacy and flexibility than hotel rooms. Off-site accommodations may include shuttle services to and from the airport or rental car services, depending upon the particular travel needs of the job travel group.

When traveling off-site, it is important to take advantage of any services offered by hotels and other on-site accommodation options. Some hotels will offer laundry services for guests’ homes and some may even offer hot meals. These services can be a valuable asset when families are planning to stay in the same hotel or are in a resort town. Lodging costs are usually one of the largest expenses for families who are going to spend extended periods of time away from home. The best way to save money and find a hotel that provides great customer service and other great amenities is to ask about these accommodations ahead of time. Some employers will extend the job travel date to accommodate requests for special accommodations.

In addition to hotel and motel accommodations, most employers also provide airfare and other forms of on-the-job travel expenses. It is important to ask about flight and lodging rates ahead of time, as the price of a vacation can vary dramatically depending on when it is taken and where it is booked. Airfare rates for traveling jobs can also vary depending on whether the vacationer is traveling first class or business class. Off-site accommodations should be scheduled according to the job description in order to provide the most flexibility. If a person plans to bring his or her own laptop computer, printer, and other supplies, most employers will provide all necessary equipment and services at no additional cost.

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