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Tips on How to Write Properly in American English

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Traveling is an important part of modern life as it’s the perfect way to get away from the hectic routine. It’s also to experience different life experiences in many different ways. Traveling can really help you cope with stress, depression and anxiety.


American writing is a genre that requires traveling. The author has to be out in the country to write and often has to take a lengthy road trip. For this reason, a lot of American writing is about travel. George Washington, for example, travelled extensively to fight the British. He is said to have written at home on family letters, travelling from state to state. Alexander Hamilton travelled between British and Continental states and so did John Adams.

The most popular form of American English used by authors such as Hemingway, Steinbeck, Chandler and others is American English. This is derived from the travel literature of the previous century. As a result, a lot of words used in modern American English are derived from words used in travel literature. A good example of this is the word, “serendipity” which is found in a novel written by James Hilton called “The Desolate Area”.

When talking about travel, one wants to talk about the “big mover, the man who crosses oceans, lands on exotic locations and travels without dribbling”. Such a traveler is called a globetrotter. These globetrotters generally make their way through the world, visiting many different countries and writing about them in fascinating articles. Two such writers of the last century that are associated with this mode of travel are Gustave Ebert and Maurice Cheval. They made their way around Europe and after two years of travel they decided to write about the experience in their books. In these books, they described their experiences traveling, eating and writing.

So now we know what American English is. It stands for slang and regional terms used by American English speakers. This is not to be confused with British English, the official language of the United Kingdom. American English has its own set of terminology, its own grammar and its own idiom. When you’re traveling in America, it’s important to understand that you’ll need to adjust your attitude to fit in with the culture and the mannerisms of the people.

So now we’ve talked about the preferred spelling and preferred alphabet used in American English. And we’ve seen how traveling in America can help you learn and recognize various traveling words. Now let’s see what you should do when traveling in America, or anywhere else for that matter. Always speak only in American-English, use the correct accents and try to follow rules of grammar wherever you can. The rules are there for a reason – so that the language can be better understood by speakers of other languages.

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