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The Dangers of Traveling – Advice on How to Properly Travel With Your Basketball

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The Dangers of Traveling – Advice on How to Properly Travel With Your Basketball

Traveling is the travel of individuals between different, often remote, geographic locations. Travel can be to many places, by land, sea, or air, with or without personal luggage, and is one way to move around the world or to visit different parts of the globe. A person can travel by a single mode, such as by land, sea, or air, but can also travel by more than one mode, if the situation calls for it. Individuals need to know about the various types of travel when they are traveling, because each has its own set of challenges.

Sea traveling vs. Land traveling. This is a very common type of traveling when traveling internationally. Sea traveling requires that one ship must be leaving port or a specific port to take a certain route, and this route must be followed throughout the duration of the voyage. For international voyages, this is often spelled as transiting, or even just jostling with other ships for passage. When traveling via land, this is spelled as embarking, and takes place when one ship arrives at its destination.

Motorized traveling vs. Asking friends for help. While traveling this is an option that some people prefer to take, especially if their luggage is too heavy or too big to lug on a normal vehicle. Some people prefer to ask a friend or family member to drive them around instead. To motorize, all you have to do is strap on some kind of suspension device, step on a brake, and make your vehicle turn – all at the push of a button. The only problem with this is that you can easily get someone else to drive, which can take away from your traveling time, or simply disrupts your itinerary if you’re traveling with someone. Therefore, it’s important that you know these simple rules for traveling:

If you do get pulled over and your car is found to be in illegal driving range, there are several options available to you. You can refuse to give your license plate number (and therefore your name, address, and telephone number), sign a document stating that you agree with the charges, or call your local police. In many states, refusal to sign the ticket results in the loss of your license plate, so you should ask your police officer for a form to sign before they let you go. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, so don’t hesitate to fight speeding tickets!

Pivot Foot. This is a serious mistake, almost universally known as a “rules violation” in the NBA world. A pivot foot is a serious rules violation because it can lead to a player receiving a technical foul, suspension, and even a suspension for the entire season. Never try to pivot foot while traveling, as this will always result in a suspension. When traveling, always use your legs and keep your feet in constant contact with the ground.

Don’t Use Your Dribble. The last advice here pertains to traveling rules – if you do want to drive and you cannot keep your feet planted in the pavement, it’s best not to dribble. Dribbling is considered very dangerous and the only people who get ejected for a DWI violation are people who are trying to drive and they make mistakes… so please, think about it before doing it. Keep your feet on the ground, use your legs to power drive, and try other things like a crossover dribble if you really want to drive.

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