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Precautions Before Traveling

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Precautions Before Traveling

Travel is basically the motion of individuals between different distant geographical regions. Travel can be to land, sea, air or any other mode, with or without personal luggage, and is either one way or round travel. In the present period, travel is not just confined to international borders but also encompasses intercontinental travel within the European Union and other counries. International travel can either be local or cross-board travelling; whereas, domestic traveling usually involves a single region for a fixed duration. Cross-board or domestic travel is mostly associated with a single airline, whereas international travel is mostly of multi centre or chain flights. Thus, various modes of travel are available to meet the requirements of the tourists.

The price of travel varies according to the mode of travel chosen and the purpose of travel. There are many travel destinations across the world in which a wide variety of leisure and business activities can be pursued. In some of the destinations, the local people are friendly and accepting of tourists and offer facilities like schools, markets, restaurants and recreation. However, in most destinations like London, where the foreign community is a large one, there are certain norms to be followed by the tourist in order to avoid inconveniences like crime, prostitution, theft and sexual harassment.

The passengers need to abide by certain rules and regulations that are imposed by the concerned authority during international travel. The passengers who fail to comply with these regulations may face penalties like suspension or cancellation of their travel tickets. Most airlines follow a policy of checking the documents of the passengers before the departure so that there is no problem of over booking or have identification cards that do not match with the passport. In order to avoid a negative test, one should purchase an original passport. In case of an emergency, one should consult a government emissary or travel agent so that proper precautions can be taken.

Another important aspect of documentation is the medical assistance that is offered by the authorities during emergency cases. For instance, if a passenger has been refused boarding at the airport, then he/she should approach a public health official or doctor at that point of time. The documentation that is required includes medical insurance that shows the passenger as insured against any loss or damage to property, and also an ambulance receipt that will clearly show the chain of custody of the documentation. These will facilitate quick recovery in cases where an ambulance is called at the destination.

No one should take any medication before travel. Even though there is compulsory 10-day self quarantine provided by some airlines, some passengers fail to adhere to this condition. This may lead to the failure in obtaining the correct medication if the wrong medicine is filled. If the wrong medication is filled, the passenger will have to pay for it or ask for a refund. Hence, it is very important to follow the guidelines provided by the airlines regarding pre-departure health checks and mandatory 10-day self-quarantine.

Each passenger has different set of rules and regulations that need to be followed. One of the most important aspects of documentation is regarding alcohol consumption. Although the law does not mention any alcohol permitted or controlled substances, but it clearly shows that consumption of such items can cause negative results during the flight. Smoking is another prohibited item. Some of the items that are prohibited on board are alcoholic beverages, drugs, explosives, and fireworks.

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