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Meeting Your Office Travel Needs With On-The-Job Accommodations

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Meeting Your Office Travel Needs With On-The-Job Accommodations

When an employee needs off-the-shelf job travel, the employee is only responsible for providing lodging including alternate modes of transportation if driving is not necessary for the job’s purpose. For instance, an employee should consider alternate transportation for a social worker that cannot drive because of vertigo; nevertheless, the essential task is completing the final home visits, which do not include driving. Another example is that an individual should consider using public transportation if the location is limited or having a wide variety of travel options. An employee should not be expected to provide his own vehicle or arrange for their own travel time. Most companies offer a limited amount of hotel room space and rental car opportunities for on-site workers. However, there are other benefits as well to allowing your employee to use off-site job travel opportunities.

In order to attract the best employees, your company will want to make sure that they have access to some of the most luxurious accommodations available. For instance, while your employees are performing their job duties at your establishment, you can show them the best of what your hotel has to offer by offering them access to world class spas, saunas, and other forms of relaxation. If you are lucky enough to be located in a part of the world that has year round pleasant weather, your employees will be able to benefit from the added comforts of staying in the most comfortable accommodations on the planet. This can be especially important if your employees travel often and experience varying temperatures during their work sessions. Not only will they be able to relax more easily, but they will also be more productive overall. A little extra investment in your business can pay off handsomely when it comes to maintaining an attractive working environment.

Your employer will also appreciate the convenience that comes with on-the-job traveling. Rather than take a flight or drive to your new destination, your workers can simply use a rental car or even rent a room and pay in advance. If you don’t have a lot of room in your hotel room for this type of arrangement, however, you may want to consider renting a furnished apartment or condo that already has all of the amenities that you need. That way, your employees can simply use the apartment or condo’s Wi-Fi in place of being forced to leave their rooms during peak business hours and still be able to remain fully stocked.

If your company requires a certain level of flexibility for your employees who are traveling away from their home base, you should look into what types of accommodations are available for them to stay in while on the road. Most first class travel packages include accommodations, meals, and transportation. Depending on the package you purchase, you may also be able to rent a business car for the duration of your trip. The ability to hire your own vehicle can give your employer significant cost savings, which is especially important if you’re on assignment from a far distance.

As you consider what you can include in on-the-job or employee travel packages, be sure to keep in mind what you can do to provide more efficient work conditions. By providing more comfortable accommodations, for example, you can help employees feel more comfortable about staying late. If you do, they may be less likely to be late doing their job, which can be a good thing! If you can find a way to provide more amenities, such as spas, health clubs, gyms, or recreation areas, you can save even more money on employee travel. Some hotels provide gyms, but they may not be very expensive. You may also be able to arrange to meet with a tour guide to take your employees into areas that aren’t often seen in standard business tours.

By taking a proactive approach to work-related travel planning, you can make the most of your on-the job accommodations. Whether you provide accommodations in your own hotel, or provide some in rental suites, you can help ensure that you provide a comfortable environment that’s conducive to work. After all, first class isn’t cheap! Don’t let accommodation costs keep you from enjoying an exciting work trip!

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