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Job Travel and Employee Misconceptions

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Job travel is the subject of numerous discussions in the job market today. Many companies have policies against travel and short term travel. Travel that is used for pleasure is fine; however, travel for business purposes is often frowned upon. Even when an employee needs occasional on-the-job traveling, the employer still has primary responsibility for providing accommodations including alternative means of transportation should driving is an absolute requirement of the job. For instance, an employer has to consider alternative means of travel for an elder who cannot drive because of vertigo; the main essential task is completing the necessary home visits, not just driving.

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The main reason an employer must provide accommodations is safety. An injured employee can be a danger to others and himself, if traveling on the job. Along with proper identification, there are other things employers must do to ensure the safety of their traveling workforce. One can avoid the issue of safety by making sure the employee understands the ins and outs of his or her accommodations and their privileges.

One thing employers should do is give their traveling workforce a chance to rent first class airline tickets. This will give the employee time to evaluate the benefits and disadvantages of traveling. By taking the time to assess this information and make informed decisions, an employee can make a wise decision about whether or not to rent the first class ticket. Sometimes the benefits of first class are worth the slightly higher ticket cost. In addition, if an employee already has a good relationship with a travel agency, they may be able to rent the flight even without it being offered by the employer.

When traveling off-site to on-site sites, it is important to be aware of the accommodations that are provided by the employer. Many agencies that offer travel packages do not always have the best accommodations. If an employee has previously traveled on-the-job for a specific company and receives a poor or substandard accommodation, they may choose not to rent from that company again. It is important for the employee to be proactive in avoiding poor accommodations. By renting from a reputable travel agency or other on-site location, rather than a booking through an off-site location, employees will know they will be in good hands and not subject to the whims of a less-than-ethical travel agency.

As a part of maintaining good relations with its traveling workforce, the best option for an employer is to provide good customer service. First class airfares and on-site accommodations are nice, but they are not worth much unless the employee is able to maximize them. The ability to communicate with a travel agent who is knowledgeable about the traveling market and the various rates and accommodations available can make the difference between a satisfied client and one that leaves without traveling plans. In addition, a friendly, professional agent can answer questions, direct customers to different deals, and make other arrangements for clients who are unable to plan ahead. Agents who are willing to extend credit to their travelers are also a positive influence in the employment decision because travel companies that have satisfied agents will probably continue to provide good services.

Travel is fun, but it is important for employees to be aware of the costs they will be incurring during their trip. Even first class airfares can be expensive. Therefore, it is crucial for employers to provide accommodations that are comfortable and well located. When employees are aware of the fees that are associated with first class airfare, they will be less likely to book last minute tickets that will cost even more money. Good communication skills, a good understanding of the travel industry, and a willingness to be flexible will benefit everyone involved when a job takes them to a new location.

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