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How To Use Social Media To Leverage Your Blog And Get More Traffic

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Are you a travel lover who is planning to start a blog travelogue and would like to know if you can set up your blog to receive social media traffic? The answer is yes, you can. Social media has opened up an entirely new avenue for travel blogs. You can connect with your audience and travel share with them, without having to worry about losing your social life or worrying about being “borrowed” for advertising.

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Why are so many bloggers trying to go the lifestyle blogging route? One of the main reasons is because it is far easier to update your blog than a traditional website. For example, if you own a blog that reviews local stores and businesses, it is very easy to forget to post updates on your own social media sites. In order to be able to post timely and relevant posts on all of your social profiles, you have to remember to do it on a regular basis. On the flip side, if you are a person who travels frequently, it may be far more convenient to connect your blog to your account on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram, in order to connect your readers to see latest posts get email contact with you and receive your messages in their inbox.

You can also use Instagram and Facebook to build your blog’s brand. You can take a picture of your products and post it on Instagram. You can then get followers to view your Instagram feed whenever they log in to see your latest post. If you are tweeting about your favourite post on Facebook, people will see your Instagram feed every time they log in to read your latest post. This can be highly beneficial in generating traffic to your blog.

Another way to leverage social media for your luxury travel blog is by adding a “pin it” button to your blog. This button will allow readers to pin your blog and show off to their friends. Whenever they like your page on Facebook or Instagram, they will be able to pin your page, too! As mentioned before, this option may not work as well for a lifestyle blog such as lifestyle coaching. However, if you have a video that will benefit someone in need of coaching, this tool can be very helpful. Just be sure to put a watermark over the video when posting so that your followers don’t edit it without your approval.

Finally, one more tip to leverage social media for your luxury blog is by using Twitter and Facebook to share posts and updates with your twitter followers and your Facebook fans. Be sure to remove the watermarks when sharing so that your followers don’t see your latest post. By following several people on twitter and following them back to their own websites, you can quickly build up an army of Twitter and Facebook fans to help spread the word about your lifestyle blog. This is a great way to generate traffic to your blog and to reach out to your twitter followers and Facebook fans.

While there are many ways to use social media to increase traffic and market your blog, adding the ability for users to share your latest post directly from the source (i.e. Instagram) can be one of the most powerful changes you can make. Luxury lifestyle blogs can be highly beneficial to people looking to connect with others who share a common interest in travelling, improving their health, increasing wealth, finding romance and creating amazing images. Integrating social media marketing into your blog gives you one more tool to market your blog.

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