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Blog Travel – Are You Missing Out On Traffic By Not Promoting Your Blog On Instagram?

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If you want to increase traffic and profits for your online business, then you should seriously consider adding blog travel writing to your marketing arsenal. Travel bloggers are a dime a dozen (or more) but the ones that stand out get lots of traffic, readership and credibility. As with any other type of Internet marketing, you will need to learn the ins and outs of blog travel writing in order to separate yourself from the competition. In this article I present a few tips for starting your own travel blog and how to use blog travel writing to increase both your profits and traffic.

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Before you start your travel blogging, be sure that you have an active and lucrative blog in place that attracts a specific type of reader. If you have a blog that is primarily geared towards animal lovers, do not try to market your travel blog to pet lovers. Similarly, if you have an interest in a particular city or country, do not try to sell your travel blog to readers outside of that city and country. For example, if you are interested in learning about Barcelona, Spain as your next vacation spot, you would not want to try to market your blog to people outside of Spain.

Once you have your blog, the next step is to engage in some sort of social media marketing. If you cannot get your blog featured on one of the main search engines, then at least create a Facebook and/or Instagram account for your blog. Both Facebook and Instagram have very low barriers to entry and can allow you to create accounts in a matter of minutes. If you already have an Instagram account, then why not invite friends and family to like your page? Every time you post a blog entry or update your social media profile, you will be exposing your blog and its content to a whole new set of potential visitors.

You will also want to take advantage of your favourite post sites, to get your blog noticed by travellers. My favourite post site is Instagram, so when I share my favourite blog post, I include a picture of it. If I am not able to upload the picture directly to Instagram, then I will include a short caption that explains what the picture is about and who I am (Instagram name), so that my followers can see what I am doing. On Facebook I will also add a photo, and on all of my social media profiles I will promote anything I am doing or visiting. The more people who know that you are on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, the better chance that someone will come across your blog and have it recognised as a favourite blog post.

Now that you have everything else set up, let’s pretend for a moment that everything else was perfect. People were using all of the great tools that you have access to, and your content was getting recognised by those people who are out there in the real world, but where is the traffic going to come from? Well if you are selling travel insurance on Instagram, your audience is still in the immediate area, but if you are promoting a local business, or an arts and crafts site, chances are that even if you are not selling travel insurance, you will still have some followers on these social media sites.

This is why I love to promote both Instagram and Facebook. Both of them have high levels of access and can attract people from all over the world. But the thing that they lack in comparison is that they also lack the interactivity of a blog. You cannot really comment on somebody’s post, or add a picture, or leave a comment. There are just too many other ways in which you can market your blog and promote everything that you are doing successfully, if you are writing about your favourite things.

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